Mauviel Copper Double Boiler

I was actually doing some cooking today! Well, sort of, Nanaimo Bars (the whole story to follow later - they're actually a type of fridge-bar).

Step 1 is to melt butter, sugar and cocoa in the microwave or a double boiler. I'm lucky enough to have been gifted this Mauviel copper double boiler and I just love having a reason to pull it

Isn't it just plain pretty? All brass and copper and porcelain just like stuff back in the (good) old days. Quality. Weighs a ton too.

Quality comes with a price though. Amazon has these listed at $257 ouch (I mean... each) [list price is about $360]. Mine was bought (for me) in Paris, back before the price of copper rose and the dollar dropped; for substantially less.

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