The Great Pyramid of Giza: Egypt

Finished around the year 2560 B.C. (4566 years ago) the Great Pyramid of Egypt is the last of the original seven wonders of world that still exists. Some date it as being up to 10000 years old; opinions vary.

The sides are unexpectedly irregular.

We were in Egpyt a year or so ago. I went with a group of (Spanish) belly dancers. There were 3 guys and a whole mess of women; who spent much of the time wearing veils and dancing at the drop of a hat. A most interesting trip.

I've been sorting through my picture galleries, trying to get them in some sort of order (using free software called Picasa [from the Google folks]). And I discovered that I have not one single picture of food from Egypt. Very odd. I do have a picture of around back of a restaurant that we ate at. Maybe it would have been better not to look.

Places like Egypt might sound pretty exotic but from a European perspective it amounts to a low-cost vacation destination that has decent weather in the winter. Comparable to going to Mexico back when I lived in New York.

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Shalee said...

Ahhh, but could you find such exquisite scenery in the back of a restaurant like this one in Egypt?

Yeah, you probably couldn't help but see it in Mexico too.