Cold & Tired

I woke up this morning - disoriented, cold and tired. I didn't warm up even with a cuppa hot tea (my gramma would be horrified). At some point thereafter, while tidying the kitchen, I realized that the cause was that I had eaten nothing yesterday except a ½ bowl of granola and some bites of what I'd been cooking. Basically, I was undernourished.
It seems that when I cook I neglect to eat. Perhaps I should publish a diet book - - since seriously starting to work in kitchens (August) I've lost 15 pounds (7 kilos).


Pastormac's Ann said...

Glad your dinner was successful - your appetizer tray looked delicious.

Hope you got a hearty meal and are feeling better.

Thanks for sharing your dinner adventure with us.

crazy said...

Wow, your food looks fantastic! I'm happy to hear your dinner turned out well. I found you in your class photo. (I won't give away where you are sitting though) You look good. I can't imagine you thinner...15 pounds is a lot of weight. Hope to see you soon. Besos uncle!