Morcilla Tart; Black Pudding; Blood Sausage

Yup, lots of people would pass on this one too. These are little Morcilla Tarts. Made from boudin / black pudding / blood sausage - - plus a little apple and cinnamon.

Open up a Morcilla (use the onion version; not the ones with pimiento); remove the skin (which is actually a pig intestine. Fry it up for about 5 minutes; use no added fat because it's got loads of its own. Chop up an apple; brunoisse . Take one part diced apple to two parts of sausage; add a dash of cinnamon. Blend really well but you still want to see some slivery pieces of apple. I used a sort of mini cuisinart that came with a Braun Stick Mixer (which are wonderful toys for the kitchen and a good Christmas gift).
Put the resulting muck into tiny tart shells and top with ground roasted pine nuts.

Sort of like a meatmeat tart - but different.

This, by the way, is post the only place on the entire web where the phrase "morcilla tart" occurs.

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