A Dinner Menu

I'm proposing something simple and vaguely SpanishMediterraneanFrench style but not super luxe.

8 people, plated, table service, with the host & guests helping to retrieve from the kitchen.


A wine flight. All from the bodega Enate in the region of Somonta├▒o . A Chardonnay, a young red, a 'regular' red and then a Reserva red for the main meat course.


  • Morcilla tarts (bite size; black sausage)
  • Anchovies with Roasted Red Pepper foam on toasts
  • Onion Spanish Tortilla (basically just an egg and onion spanish omelette)


  • Rocket (arugula) with grated Foie and Raspberry Vinaigrette (wish I could get dandelions instead)

Intermezzo - a sip of lemon ice something or other


  • Entrecote (serious quality steaks) in a Madeira Sauce (French style)
  • Rice with Mushrooms (it's mushroom hunting season here; I'll use Bomba type rice [round rice kernels])
  • Glazed Vegetables Julienne (carrots, turnip, leeks maybe)


  • Chocolate Mousse

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