Done - The Dinner

This is a corner of someone else's kitchen; which I did not destroy. And, below, a close up of one of the appetizer trays. No other photos 'cause I was working and actually forgot about pictures.

The client was happy - and the guests seemed to be ; everything on every single plate was thoroughly and completely eaten (and drunk-up for that matter). And these weren't little nouveau cuisine sized meals. There was a load of food: 7 ounce entrecote steaks (+ sauce), a similar amount of rice&mushrooms, a whole mess of 3 different vegetables. That was on top of appetizers, a spanish tortilla, salad with foie - and later, dessert.So, that's a good sign. Oh, and a couple of folks made inquiries about doing private dinners for them (not serious inquiries at this point, just casual interest/curiosity).Way too much time spent planning and prepping; due to my nervous energy no doubt. I've got to figure out how to do one of these with less time&effort investment on my part on the front end. Now, I have to go and tidy up the mess in my kitchen.

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