Smoked Salmon Stuffed Smoked Salmon Rolls: Recipe

Now for the recipe of these salmon rolls I made the other day.

  • 250 gr smoked salmon, chopped [½#]
  • 3 T ricotta cheese
  • 1 T dill, dried, chopped
  • 2 T chives, fresh, chopped
  • ¼ t salt
  • ¼ t pepper (maybe less)

  • 250 gr smoked salmon, thin slices[½#]
  • 4T strawberry preserves [jam]
  • chives, whole
  1. Blend salmon, ricotta, chives, dill, salt & pepper in a mixer/food processor
    • Taste it and adjust the ingredients
  2. Lay sliced salmon on a blue cutting board
  3. Lay a little salmon-cheese mix across the center of each one (see pic in previous post)
  4. Apply a dollop of strawberry
  5. Roll them up, seam side down
  6. Probably you should cut each roll into 2 pieces
  7. Tie a chive around each one
  1. I just made this up on the spur of the moment so these notes contain a lot of the thinking process in making this; it could get tedious.
  2. I actually used Requesón cheese, not Ricotta. This could work with a small curd cottage cheese too.
  3. Strawberry & smoked salmon taste surprisingly good together
  4. Salmon goes good with dill and chives (for a bit of texture)
  5. Some would use cream cheese but ricotta is more diet-friendly
  6. Amounts are approximate. Use about equal volumes of smoked salmon and ricotta
  7. Trim the smoked salmon slices so that they're rectangular/square and use the trimmings in the cheese mix. Rectangular salmon rolls much more neatly.
  8. Use of a blue cutting board is not obligatory
  9. A light touch with the strawberry preserves; want the flavour to be subtle.
  10. Split fat chives in half lengthwise for easier tying
  11. The rolls are larger than a cigarette but smaller than a cigar - perhaps a panatella would be about right
  12. The chives are not only practical ( to hold the roll together) but give a touch of colour too
  13. You could put these on little toasts instead (a toast, spread with smoked salmon-cheese then strawberry, then topped with a square of regular smoked salmon
  14. I made twice as much as this recipe. Then used the extra on a pizza; with Requesón instead of tomato sauce on the base (quite tasty too).


Shalee said...

Love the advice that the blue cutting board is optional.

We're cream cheese lovers at our house. I think I'll try it with that variation first...

Sharon said...

Love your blog. It brings back old memories of my restaurant days. I spent 7 years in fine dinning.