Valladolid: & I Need a New Phone/Camera

Popped up to Valladolid (north) for the weekend and restauranted a few times. Various pictures were taken, including this one of a plate of Mixed Vegetables (real home cooking - done extraordinarily well {the food, not the picture}). This was with the camera on my Nokia 6610i which has been getting steadily worse and worse as time passes. Some pictures were also taken with a Nokia 6280, which has a much better camera, but I figured I'd post this photo-disaster for laughs first (that, and the 6280 wasn't my phone thus I do not now have it at hand).

The spot, Resaurante Santi seems also to go by the name of El Caballo de Troya (trogan horse); it's confusing but I figure one must be the name of their bar-restaurante and the other their fancy-restaurant. We ate at in the fancy bit because the bar part was fully booked.

Anyway, t'was excellent and deserves much better reporting than this. I have pictures of the pigs cheeks and the steak that we had but they're more or less indistinguable from each other. Lovely place, a former convent from the 16th century (as are many restaurants and hotel here in Spain). Reservations recommended {tel: 983339355} (we walked in and got the last table - lucky for a Saturday night). Very reasonable prices, especially for those of us from Madrid - - we quite enjoy the prices out there in the provinces. And it's only a couple of hours away.

Walked the city for kilometers and kilometers until my knee wore out - - but it's worth the visit. Numbed the pain with a couple of glasses of Ribera del Duero wine.

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