Sea Bass: Lubina

No fancy plated presentation for this pic. This is just the fish, as is, in the pan; after it's been sitting for a while.

Regular readers will note a similarity to a prior post about fish in tomato sauce. I just happen to like it. This disproves a theory that the family has that I never repeat a dish in the course of a year. True, this is not exactly the same since it uses a lubina instead of cod and a whole fish instead of fillets and, come to think of it, the sauce is shallot-based instead of onions… oh never mind - maybe they're right.

Yesterday's tomato sauce got used to do a dead-simple dish. That is, the fish was dead and the simple part was that no fancy anything was done to it; no filleting or anything - just the whole fish as it came from the shop.

Recipe: Take a fish and put it in tomato sauce over low heat for about 5 minutes a side.

= = = Done = = =

It's basically a poached fish but poached in tomato sauce (homemade sauce, I hope).

It's low fat, low cal, low salt, low carb - -just plain good for you (and good tasting too).

It "holds" well in the sauce, easy to keep warm for quite a while; and the longer you wait the more the fish flavour enhances the tomato sauce.

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