Thanks for the Kind Words

A quick welcome to visitors from Shalee's Diner. I see that a bunch of you have been dropping by after the nice things that were said about me & this here blog.

I'm rather more of a cook than a chef, as I don't currently run my own kitchen (except the one at home) but, true enough, I've graduated from the cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris so that might count for something.

Formerly "in computers" I changed careers after being terminated in the post-2001 economic downturns in New York (we had a bit of a bad spell there for a while). My 28 years of international travel, eating out on an expense account, taught me to enjoy fine food and some of that rubbed off. Thus, creating fine food, instead of only consuming it, became a way to continue that. Interestingly (to me) there are quite a number of ex information technology types and engineers in the kitchen. It must be something to do with our analytical approach to cooking. Me, I enjoy the creativity... but also the science of it.

And I'll tell you, this life beats the... harrumph... out of sitting around in conference rooms all day discussing supposedly important subjects. Personally, I believe that feeding people things they enjoy is much more gratifying.

I see that I've used way too many italics in the above paragraphs.

There's 55 million blogs out there... this is about number 1,750,000 and that's not too shabby. Shalee, by the way, is up there at 3,750 (good job).

Anyway, for posterity, thanks Shalee for the kind words (I imagine right now that she's blushing a little bit).

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Shalee said...

Could you feel the heat from my face from here? You are good...

Chef... cook... same difference to me. You're an artist in the food realm and you enjoy making and sharing your creations. That sounds like a chef to me, with or without your own kitchen. But what do I know?

And how did you come up with that 3750 number? I think you totally made that up. But I'm smiling none the less.

And I'm really glad that you're getting more traffic because I think you deserve it!