l'Archetto part II

First, the menu.  Check those prices!  A Pizza Margherita for €5,50.  This place is not just a pizzeria, it's a "real" restaurant too - specializing in Roman cuisine - for those not into pizza every day.

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This is their 4 seasons pizza.  more than 1 artichoke would have been nice but look, on the other hand, at that lovely slice of prosciutto


This one here is a little odd.  What you see there on the right are not button mushrooms - they're beans.  It's called (translated)  "The Explosion". larchttobeans09122007874 As you can see the pizzas are a little toasty around the edges and the dough might have had a touch too much salt for my taste. 

Note that the edge of the pizza is not an inch high [2 cm] all puffed up like earlier pics of pizzas.  That's because this is Roma style; probably not hand thrown but formed with a little rolling pin.  The crust is still soft, less chewy than Naples style.  Good in its way.

Oh, and the address of the restaurant is Via dell'Archetto,46,  Roma, Italy (not a real long street - you'll have no trouble finding it)

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