Pizza Forum

Reputed to be the first Napoletan pizzeria in Rome. Once inside you notice the ambiance, or lack thereof; sort of metallic and cold.

A couple of nice ovens. Using all sorts of odds and ends of wood.

Big working space. It's after the lunch rush and a drizzly day so apparently not a lot of work to do.

The menu. From EUR 4,50 a pizza - cheap (but not the cheapest in town).

The pizza Forum; square with borders filed with the meaty ingredients.

A stright, by the book, traditional, Margherita. Someone spends a whole mess of time cutting up cherry tomatoes.

A little bit gummy and quite soupy under those tomatoes in the center; a slight smell of flour in the base (not good - needed more time to rise; should smell yeasty, not floury).
Tasty though. And the "Pizza Forum" was good too.

Would I go again? Maybe. There's so many to choose from that this wouldn't bubble to the top of the list. It was conveniently close to the Colosseum and what with the rain it could be a winner again if only on the basis of geography.

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