Navona Notte

The first ting you notice is the oven (although I also noticed two pizza bases, bare, precooked, sitting on the front of the oven there; not a good thing [precooking your pizza-bases])

And how small the preparation area is (ignore the pizza-base rolling machine just behind the guy's head in the background; we shall hope it is never used)

The menu. Reasonable prices.

A straight Margherita

Porcini mushroom pizza

For a real close view click the foto below

First place visited was Navona Notte.
The base was a little bready and bland/soft/underdone in the center (a soupy center is common in Rome pizzerias it seems). Sauce was showing through under the cheese (this is a good thing).
But - tasty; cherry tomatoes and a decent amount of basil.

As the first pizza I ate in Italy it was not disappointing at all. The Napolitan style crust, light, spongy and chewy was an interesting new experience.

Nice atmosphere, fast service, fair prices - food other than pizzas as well. I'd go again.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I loved the place. It was our first establishment that we ate at while in Italy. Service was good and the food was even better. A nice hidden gem off the main drag of it all.

Toe-Knee said...

My family and friends stumbled across it 10 year ago. Now we go every time we are in Rome!