Nineteen Sixty Something


Was cleaning up the ole hard drive and found this scan of a family foto.  One of them is probably me.


Kayte said...

The one in the sailer suit? Oh, come on...which one?

Very cute photo.


Kayte said...

OOPS.."sailor" not "sailer"...typed and hit send too fast.

Dezzi said...

Nope, he's not the one in the sailor suit! That's his little brother. My mom's the littlest one. He's the third oldest, if that helps.

willson said...

I also had a sailor suit at one time; I believe there might be photos of all four of us boys dressed in the style of those days. Cute as can be, we were.

Kayte said... next guess is the young gentleman on the right side of the photo in the dark suit and tie with the spiffy hanky in the pocket.

Dezzi said...

Again, nope! That's his big brother. (amazingly the big brother doesn't look that different now. just older.)