Eggs, Veal Fricassee, Rice Pudding : Lesson 12 : Le Cordon Bleu at Home

Wednesday's dinner will be:

Oeufs Mollets Florentine : Soft-Boiled Eggs with Spinach and Mornay Sauce

Fricassée de Veau aux Poivrons Rogues : Fricassee of Veal with Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, and Olives

Riz à l’Impératrice : Empress Rice Pudding

Served with Pâtes Fraîches : Fresh Pasta according the book (where they slip a "serve with" suggestion into the last paragraph of the instructions for the entrée - which often is another dish someplace in the book and requires additional shopping/work/learning/effort).

Soft boiled eggs - a cinch; with normal enough done sort of spinach and a Mornay sauce we've seen before.

Fricasee is a veal stew thingy; like some recent veal dishes but the meat is browned first and then they toss in an opportunity to make Fond de Veau Brun : Brown Veal Stock from scratch - what fun. The recipe for the stock makes 12 Cups of which one (1) cup is used in the stew. Errgh. I believe that we might make only a one-third recipe of stock.

Lastly, a rice pudding that's yet another Bavarian Cream thing but with rice in it. We'll omit the candied fruit ingredients because they are generally disgusting and stick to my teeth.

Thus, there are really at least five (5) recipes in this week's adventure. It'll be great.

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