Dandelion Salad : Veal Stew : Fruit Salad : Lesson 9 : Le Cordon Bleu at Home


No... not the flower part... the leaves! Dandelions are reportedly related to chicory, Belgian Endive and so forth. And make a fine salad it would seem.
There's a classic veal stew; extremely traditional.
Finally, a fruit salad - which proved to be disappointing last time we had one - - but this one has kirsch added to it so that's promising.

The menu from the book is:

Salade de Pissenlits aux Lardons : Wilted Dandelion Salad with Bacon

Blanquette de Veau à l'Ancienne : Veal Stew with Onions and Mushrooms

Ananas à la Ninon : Fruit Salad with Red Berry Coulis

That last one is a poor translation: Ananas = Pinapple & à la Ninon" seems to mean "in the style as preferred by `Ninon´" ; whoever that might be.

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