The Standard

Went for my first wood-fired-oven pizza in Toronto yesterday; at The Standard, 667 College St @ Beatrice; in downtown Toronto.

Flashy looking oven; all sparkly, shiny, little tiles surrounding it.Standard Oven 010620081339

Pretty good pizza. A  thin crust,  a light touch with the toppings, okay char on the bottom, with a fairly light/bubbled and small edge on the crust.  The crust was a bit soft, maybe underdone, in the middle - - - perhaps the oven was too hot- - and a bit overdone on the edge .

They messed up the composition of  the "four seasons" pizza by mingling the four ingredients together; each ingredient ought to have its own quadrant (it was artichokes, ham, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms). The tomato sauce lacks something as well (maybe it was just missing some salt?).  And where's the oregano sprinkled on top?

The place has a nice atmosphere, good service, decent prices. Worth going to. I'd give them another chance.

The pizza: pizza Standard010620081332

The crust:Standard Slice 010620081336

If nothing else, it's attractive.  And yes, it was tasty too; but there's room for improvement.

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