Make a bread/pizza dough base (thus, with yeast) - but with an egg too. Mix it; let it rise; pound it down; roll it out, etc.

Onion confit [cooked onions (put in whole garlic cloves while cooking - remove them when done); seasoned with some thyme and, once cooked, put in finely chopped capers.] Don't let the onions brown but cook them thoroughly.

Top with the (cooled) onion confit. Important is the topping of anchovies and Niçoise olives; nontraditional inclusion of tomato wedges (these could have been a little skinnier so that they would have roasted better).

After topping let it sit again (rest) for 10 minutes before baking 10-15 in 180°C oven - 'til browned.

This one is a little pizza sized but they work well as large squares/rectangles or littler individual tarts; also are good appetizers - warm or cold.

Me, I'm having this for lunch.

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