The Weekend starts

Movie: War of the Worlds - Just "okay". More for kids than adults. Stayed entertaining all the way through.

Reading: (again) Thrice Upon a Time : James P. Hogan (follow the link then click 'Next' button in upper right corner).

Mañana: Le Tour de France arrives in Paris & I plan to be there on the Champs Elysee

Also: Phoned LCB (Le Cordon Bleu) to check on Monday's schedule and found out that

  1. Breakfast is served at 8:30 Monday morning (which was not mentioned in any of the stuff they sent me so I figure loads of people will be late; not showing up until the Introduction at 9:30 [as I had originally planned])
  2. First class / demonstration is at 12:30. So, no rest for the wicked; we go to work right away. I had been hoping for the afternoon off and a more gradual entry into the scholastic routine.

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