Quiche Lorraine

Yeh, it's a pretty dicy picture but the best I could do this morning.

Not too tricky. The point of this particular class was to teach hot to make the dough. It's a "short" dough (Pâte Brisée Salée).

200 gr flour
100 gr butter (melt)
5 gr salt
1 egg (50/55 gr)
20 ml water

Pile the flour; cut the butter into pieces and squeeze into the flour - real well; sand-like (sablé).
Make a well/circle of the flour/butter. Put liquids in the well; mix with cutter; chopping motion; donot "work" the dough. You don't want it to be elastic.
Make a ball; flatten it; wrap it; fridge it.

The 2nd thing to learn was how to transform this into a tart shell (that then gets filled).
More on that in my LCB Notes (once I get them written).

Movie: Mr & Mrs Smith - better than expected, not bad at all in fact. & Angelina Jolie is always a pleasure to look at.

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