Carne: Meat for Lunch

Speaking of pictures, here's a simple one of lunch a couple of days ago. It's naturally raised (organic) beef from the fine people at Braman. Delicious; has real taste. Supermarket meat is bland in comparison. These are field raised, fed real food without chemicals, hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Then, on the down side (for them) slaughtered (that is, killed); but in a supposedly more humane manner than the average cow. Probably that all makes the meat better for you - - and it certainly seems like the decent, humane thing to do; giving them the best possible life under the circumstances. If you're gonna eat meat do so in a way that is thoughtful of the end to end process. Thus endeth today's lesson.

Picture might be a tad fuzzy because I was using the macro setting - - but at too great a distance.


  • Salt and pepper both sides
  • A sprinkle, very slightly, a little chinese 5 spice powder
  • Grill (oven broiler) side one for 7 minutes
  • Side 2 for 5 minutes
  • Eat
Sometimes food is not complicated.


Shalee said...

You're absolutely correct. Home grown, corn fed cows taste completely different than those who are raised in mass quantities and conditions. And I really wish that you lived next door. I'm sure you'd find me on your doorstep quite often...

willson said...

Well, hey: The place across the street here is for sale. Since you're moving anyway why not give it a look. Although the commute to work would be wicked.