Nanaimo Cake Follow Up

In an earlier post I mentioned trying to lighten up and develop height on a Nanaimo Bar. It had mixed success. The bar was higher but failed to reach cake height. Then it turned out that cutting it was rather messy. Since the dark chocolate top layer was thick and somewhat hard the new fluffy middle layer couldn't withstand the pressure of cutting the chocolate and tended to squeeze out all over the place; making for smooshed pieces when they tried to partition the thing.
I hadn't anticipated that.

Next time... thin thin chocolate top layer and another attempt to provide much more volume in the middle layer.

In the following foto, although fuzzy, you can see the thickness of the middle layer somewhat; compare to the traditional one.

Note: The bases (bottom layer) on both these photos are about the same thickness. It looks thicker on the small ones because they were extra close up.

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