A Kitchen

I have a thing for kitchens. We're looking into redoing the kitchen at home and with a little luck it might end up looking like this.

Or maybe not.

But I _do_ like this one. 1) Big 2) Tidy 3) Lots of fun equipment. On the cooking line, known as the "piano" in French, it's got (from the back) a grill, 6 huge gas burners (I'd prefer ½ of mine to be convection though [it's more energy efficient]), a granite slab and double fryers. I'm not actually sure whether that granite slab is a cooking surface or a work surface.

This pic is of the restaurant kitchen in terminal 4 at Barajas airport in Madrid, El MadroƱo.

In kitchen supply stores and/or hardware stores I can blow a couple of year's budget in one shot if I'm not careful.

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Shalee said...

With or without the plate on the floor?

I know what you mean about loving a usable, efficient kitchen. It makes me want to get in there and MAKE something!