Gastromaquia - A Restaurant / Tavern

As we were strolling around the zone of Chueca in Madrid yesterday afternoon we came across a quaint little tapas bar that was just opening up for the evening and stopped in for a glass of wine (some Ribera de Duero or other). The place has a bar-ish front half (stand up) and about 7 or so s table in the back - and a teenie tiny kitchen. Three burners, an oven, and no room to swing a cat - not that I would. maybe the kitchen amounts to 13 square meters and it's mostly full of equipment rather than walk-around space.

Location: Calle de Pelayo 8 (Chueca), Madrid - - see map
phone: +34 915 226 413
also or formerly known as "
La Taberna De Pelayo"

They call it a "Taberna Gastronomica" - a Gastronomic Tavern

Optical character recognition of this pic of their menu worked pretty well. I only had to fix half a dozen misinterpretations.


Titulares de la Semana

Anchoas c/ pan con tomate 9.00€
Quesos c/ manzana, tomate dulce 9.70€
Gazpacho de fresas con ahumados y yogur 7,30€
Espuma de patata, yemas y cebolleta 5.40€
Tomates rellenos de mousse de atún 6.10€
Mezclum de lechugas c/ mozzarella 6.90€
Carpaccio de pato c/ praline de almendras 7.20€
Crujiente de Brie, jamon de pato y rucola 7.20€
Huevos fritos c/ migas y jamón ibérico 8.60€
Espaguetis c/ verduritas y curry 7.60€
Lasagñia cremosa de morcilla y manzana 7.40€
Risotto de Idiazabal 7.90€
Atún plancha c/ morcilla Boudin y manzana 13,60€
Cordero c/ cous-cous y verduritas 12.00€

I won't translate any of that; you can practice your Spanish ( the "c/" means "con" which means "with"). Rest assured it all sounds delicious; even though some of the dishes are based on simple stuff like fried eggs, spaghetti, bread, lasagna, or a tomato.

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