---Beautiful egg whites --- soft peaks --

Macro mode on the new camera sometimes works well. That, and I'm learning to use it properly.

Way behind on posting because of this here picnic I'm arranging -- in the garden. Barbecue tomorrow = Rain forecasted.

That, and the tiramisu base recipe (ladyfinger-like) is not working worth a damn. Evidently the Professional Baking cookbook by Gisslen is renowned for being error-ridden - although the techniques are accurate the recipe editing leaves much to be desired. I've done the ladyfinger base twice and am still not happy with the results. Maybe I'll try yet again - or maybe I'll just add more rum to the coffee mixture I infuse the cake base ith and no one will care.

I've got a whole lot of shopping to do tomorrow morning before lunch (which, here in Spain, happens about 2:00 so that give me a break time-wise) and tonight several things to prep - including: potato salad (French style), the famed tiramisu, and veggie skewers. I'm guessing I'll be needing a glass of wine to get me through this.

A couple of pics to hold us over:
Ingredients: Yolks, sugar, whites, lemon, more sugar, flour

My gorgeous copper bowl to whip up egg whites. That's 4 whites in there. It's a very big bowl. And a really big whisk.

Size matters.

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