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From the street:

Went to wagaboo last night for dinner. It's a popular spot in the Chueca (gay) section in the centre [center] of Madrid. We were the first in the door; 8:50 PM - - we eat dinner late in Spain - - the place didn't start livening up until 9:30 or so.

Their specialty is noodles: Italian, Oriental - various types - - and made fresh to boot. Also the menu has some meat and fish for those not into the carbohydrate experience. Inexpensive, nice decor, open kitchen (which I particularly enjoy - watching the team assemble the meals). The kitchen pic was snatched from a flickr user [credit where credit is due].

The food's okay, inventive, not killer flavors; but with nice presentation and packaging. Wine list is okay too and reasonably priced. We had a good reserva Rioja for just €19.

Total bill for 5 people: some beers, a couple of starters, 4 noodle dishes, one grilled tuna steak, wine, & 3 desserts was €113; so €23 [$] a head. Plus €11 for parking (!).

Make a reservation because it usually fills up - even on a Monday night. It's so popular that the opened another one just 3 blocks away.

Their slogan, "fun eating", is a little bit lame though.


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