Okay, so you take the plant, which is growing quite nicely in the garden now that summer's here, trim the outermost leaves, dry them carefully (on newspaper, turning/stirring, every few hours) and remove any contaminants. You will be consuming this stuff later and you want the resultant product to be nice and clean.

I hope you clicked on the picture to enlarge it and realized that we are talking about thyme - - not that other "herb" you might have been thinking of.

I bought a thyme plant for the back porch a while back and you have to keep trimming them to keep them from getting scraggly. The result is that you quickly have about a 12 years supply of fresh, home dried, thyme on your hands. Boy oh boy is it ever more fragrant than the 2 year old bottle of (very nice, top quality) thyme I last bought in Paris.

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