Barbecue: Empanada

It's 37 C out [98,6 F] in the shade and the wind is still. A bit warm. I quite enjoy it. We're having a "sardinera" (barbecue of sardines; see "Weekend Away") on Saturday and preparing a lot of Galacian dishes.

  • Sardines on the barbee
  • Bica (a cake)
  • Crepes (more or less like a crepe but not French style)
  • Clam Empanada
  • Albariño (white wine)
It's going to be hot; 40 C [104F] so the pool will be an important component of the event. That. and the siesta (after lunch).

The empanada, pictured above, is not the little half-moon you find in South America -- it's a big square thing that feeds a bunch of people.
Excuse the slight fogging of the picture. I think the lens was gunky from taking pics over a steaming pan the other day.

This foto is of the empanada being extracted from a gorgeous wood burning oven. It's in the morning, after the oven has cooled all night, and is "only" 255C [435F].

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