Cangrejo: Crab Salad: Surimi

Continuing with the variations on seafood salads as in: ¡ Lobster ! Avocado Salad: Ensalada de Bogavante y Aguacate and Chicken Madeira & "Lobster" Avocado Salad.

Well, it's summer and heavy duty cooking isn't called for.

Bought a box of varied canned/jarred seafoods from "El Pescador de Cantabria"

picture pinched from the net - fair use


  • open the jar of "crab salad" (the "salad" designation is because it's got some roasted red peppers in there).
  • distribute neatly over a bed of finely chopped lettuce and
  • sprinkle with virgin olive oil
  • don't add any salt - it'll be fine without it.
  1. Upon reading the ingredients of the jar I discovered that this was not pure crab meat but "Surimi" which is white fish (usually pollock), binder (flour) and the target meat (in this case crab). It's a legitimate food product and typical of many asian nations - as in the notorious "fish balls". This particular surimi looked good and tasted great; in dramatic contrast to the rubbery/floury fake lobster tails in the "Lobster" Avocado Salad the other day.
  2. Bought a whole normal lettuce instead of the prewashed, cut and air-bagged variety. I'd forgotten how good a good lettuce can taste. Theses days they're probably grown hydroponically or soil-less and there's not all that much dirt to clean off - - I didn't actually need a salad spinner. Just peeled away a couple of outer bruised leaves and was that was that. Next time I'm going down to the local natural foods store and get a locally grown organic lettuce which I expect will be an order of magnitude better even. Oh, and the unprocessed lettuce was cheaper too.

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