Calamares con Cebolla Oporto: Squid with Port Onions

Oh, you're gonna love this. Try it at home.

These are rings of squid, fried, over sauteéd onions (with squid ink & port) with a few prawns thrown in for colour. Yes, those onions under the rings in the picture are black. You probably don't eat a lot of (deliberately) black food do you?

I did a search on the web for Squid with Port Onions and came up with exactly zero hits so I guess this counts as an original recipe.

Calamares con Cebolla Oporto

Serves: 2
  • oil (olive, virgin)
  • 1 onion
  • ¼ t salt
  • 1 package squid ink
  • ¼ C dry white wine
  • ¼ C Port (sweet)

  • oil
  • 400 g Squid (cut into rings) [¼#]
  • ¼ C dry white wine
  • 100 g Prawns [3oz]
  • ¼ C dry white wine
  1. oil into a pan
  2. sauté onions
    • until translucent and soft
  3. add salt
  4. add wine and squid ink, stir to dissolve
  5. add port
    • bring up to a decent boil then lower heat to medium and...
    • reduce to sauciness
    • set aside, in the oven, covered with foil, at about 100 C [200F]

  6. oil into a frying pan
  7. add squid
  8. fry lightly for 10 min
    • they will shrink, release juices and brown just very slightly
  9. deglaze the pan with white wine (leave the squid in there)
    • stir around to completely deglaze
  10. reduce the resulting juice to thick sauciness
  11. add prawns
    • stir around until they've changed colour
  12. add more wine
  13. reduce the sauce again and at the same time you're cooking the prawns through
  1. Squid rings are usually about 1cm wide [½"]
  2. present the squid & prawns on top of the onions
  3. typically served with rice
    • but I served with garbanzo beans spiced up with a little bit of cumin
  4. this is a one pan dish if you wipe and rinse the pan between doing the onions and the squid

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