Drafting - Rabbit in Mustard Sauce: Conejo al Mostaza: Lapin à la Moutarde

This is how I write recipes when cooking. I'll redo later it in the regular format, w/ pic and all; this is for comparison purposes. & maybe good for a laugh.

LCB @ home más o menos
srvs: 2 or 5 neauvo cuisine
one pan
600 gr Rabbit thighs (boneless, rolled) tie w/ string (or 3 kg rabbit, then debone or cut up)
season w/ sal y pimienta blanca
oil in pan
Pan fry for color - 10 min-ish
Paint w/ mustard (dijon o grainy)
Oven 20 mins @ 200 C (braising)
hot pan, wet cloth, ouch, burnt palm - twice
turn pieces
½ onion (or 4 shallots) into pan (diced v. v. fine) or less
10 min more
Add ½ C vino blonco seco - turn lapin -10 minutes
degrease - spoon
add ¾ C heavy cream (or quark or créme fraise) - stir around
5 minutes more - turned off oven
taste for seasoning (s&p)
Do not cover when cooking; colored dishes lose color when covered.

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