Le Cordon Bleu at Home: Lesson 1: Roast Chicken

I'm trying some recipes from my (maybe) favorite book (Le Cordon Bleu: At Home)- which aligns with my course at Le Cordon Bleu a few years back. I have a vague plan of doing one a week or so and working the way through the 90 (sets of recipes in there). Probably won't happen but it's a sort of cute idea anyway.

The first one is centered around Roast Chicken (Poulet Roti). Which came out looking like this...

not bad.
I failed to follow the notes I made from the course (see the 2nd #9 listed in the Course Notes blog)

The whole thing I did today will be posted over the next couple of days (this post being but a teaser for the ones following).

The menu:

  • Cucumber Salad with Mint
  • Poulet Roti
  • Spring Peas with Lettuce, Chervil & Onions
  • Fruit Salad with Cointreau
oddly enough there was also Patatas Barvas served; although not from the Cordon Bleu recipe

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