Two Salads: LCB at Home: Lesson 1: Part 3

The final two dishes of the first lesson were uninspired. Not faulty execution - there just wasn't much to work with here. Yawners.

First was the Cucumber Salad (Concombre à la Menthe)

Peeled and sliced cucumbers with a yogurt & mint dressing (and a 1/2 tablespoon of red-wine vinegar and some fresh round pepper])

Not going to give the recipe and "what I actually did" because it really wasn't worth it.

Last was the Fresh Fruit Salad with Cointreau (Salade des Fruits)

Fine, just fine, but no "bling" at all.

One each of an apple, pear, banana, peach, orange (sliced carefully and the segments cut out with the membranes - that, at least, was interesting), couple of slices of pineapple, some strawberries (a little box). Augment that with the juice from an entire lemon and a tablespoon of Cointreau mixed with a 1/4 cup of fine sugar. Top, upon serving, with some sliced kiwi.
Nothing inspiring - nor is it "bad" in any way.

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