Lesson 4 : LCB at Home : Gigot d´Agneau : Roast Leg of Lamb

On to lesson 4 of the, by know well known, tome: Le Cordon Bleu: At Home - Probably my favorite cookbook.

Tomorrow's meat is number three from the picture

The menu will be:

Smoked Salmon Crepes : Crêpes au Salmon Fumé

Swiss Shard Gratin : Gratin de Blettes

Roast Leg of Lamb : Gigot d´Agneau

Pineapple Sorbet : Ananas Givré

Crepes - a cinch.
Just love the name "Blettes" for a vegetable.
Roasting is simple enough.
Will be making the "sorbet" without the aid of an ice-cream making machine.

Techniques and evaluations starting tomorrow; with the new way of writing the blog entries (less recipe ingredients and more about what goes on in the kitchen) there might be some real content in the post. There will be, at least, pictures. Truth be told, the sorbet is already in process.

Have seriously blown the food budget for April with this project. Not that the food's at all expensive in these menus but doing 4 multistage dinners, for 6, in a month is quite a lot of ingredients being bought. Kilos of butter and cream just for starters - dozens of eggs.

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