Caramelized Onions



These are julienned (sliced) onions (two of them); pan fried slowly in olive oil (I use first cold pressed virgin for almost everything but this does not demand the very best – and I use it somewhat generously, as you can see).  Brown until they’re almost a jam texture. This could take a half hour, easily; probably more. Add 1 t white wine vinegar and some salt to taste at the end. At no point is any sugar used – the vinegar and salt will make it seem to taste sweeter.

Now, looking at the picture, I think these should have gone on a little longer.

There’s also another technique for doing caramelized onions that involves less oil and more water; perhaps it’s healthier. You can look at it somewhere in this other post.

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The Food Addicts said...

Caramelized onions are so easy and yet one of my favorite things to add to everything.