Ensalada : Salad

Eat healthy once in a while. Then… add some cheese.  This is an at-home version of a salad that I used to do in a restaurant.

  • Mixed salad greens (gourmet style blend)
  • 1/2ed cherry tomatoes, cut horizontally (I put the halves face-up to catch the dressing, in the restaurant we put them face down)
  • goat cheese (chevre) , slightly microwaved to just melt it a little (several small rounds or one slice of a big round) Cut chevre with a wire-style cheese slicer; there is no other practical way
  • whole walnuts (not in the pic because I forgot them)
  • reduced balsamic vinegar (take regular balsamic, boil a bottle's worth until reduced 2/3rds, add salt - or buy balsamic glaze [shudder])
  • olive oil, virgin, first cold pressed – making sure to drizzle the face-up tomatoes
  • a few flakes of Maldon salt
As you can see I was having fun with links.

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