Kids’ Eats

It’s amazing to me what some kids eat as “meals”. I was chatting today with a friend and it was all about this one youngun’ that was into eating mac&cheese (the box sort) every single day – for breakfast. Really, that’s not a bad breakfast – starch, protein, some milk product; beats a cereal bowl full of choco-sugar super-puff-crunchies any day.

It seems so little; but I remind myself that these kids aren’t very big at all. All generally healthy though so someone’s doing something right.

So here’s a couple of pics of “dinner” for the kids of another friend of mine: The nuggets and chips:
that was what was left after a few bites for dinner and doggy-bagged for later.

Second up – pasta, with no sauce please:
this little remnant was not bagged for later.

The adults ate a pizza with a bunch of toppings:
there were even pizza leftovers.

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