Saté Pork : Satay

I buy pork (and beef and chicken) in largish chunks, pre-cut it, bag it in meal-sized quantities and freeze it. The pre-cut bit is important to me for later usability. When I want a quick lunch I don’t want to have to thaw then trim and dice my meats. This was a stir-fry cut pack of pork.
Brown the meat real well. Not to the point where it’s simply “not red” but to where the meat has some caramelization on it; not just blah-gray. This requires a blazingly hot pan.

This pork (500 grams [1#] was marinated for a couple of hours in

  • 2T olive oil
  • 2T soya sauce
  • 2T white wine vinegar
  • 1t Habanero hot sauce (should have used more)
before flash-frying it.

Served with some peanut sauce (Indonesian/Dutch) and plain white rice. No recipe for the peanut sauce because I made it from a pack (for shame). The sauce was slightly disappointing so I’ll probably not do that again.

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