Beans : Fabas : Pork and Beans

Simple winter food (okay, it’s been more like 20-25 degrees C lately [that’s 70 or 80 F] but technically it’s winter) .

Soak the 250 gr [8 oz] of white beans overnight and drain away that first round of water.

Cover with water and add the sausage, black sausage and pork-fat-bacon (traditionally you might put an ear or a trotter in as well); no added salt.


Cook, simmering, until the beans are just starting to go soft – skim off any foam and maybe the oil/fats from the sausage as you go. Keep the lid off to reduce the liquid (but add water if needed while cooking to just cover the beans. Might take an hour at least (depends on the bean).

Add a spot of saffron and a cup of simple thick tomato sauce (tomato and onions, basically). Reduce to a saucy consistency.


Slice the meats before serving (remove the ear and trotter entirely and toss them [unless you’re a huge fan of gristle {some are}]).

This is what pork and beans was before Heinz got into the business.

See also an earlier post about Fabada Asturiana from 2005 with a properly written out recipe for something similar.

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