Caramelized Onions - Cebolla Caramelizada

Simple but slow (no, I'm describing today's dish, not me).

Start with a bunch of oil in a pan and a kilo of onions [2#] - julienne

Cook on medium high until there's some sizzle then lower the heat to medium.

Stir / toss occasionally.

These are going to go limp and slowly brown and soft.

Slowly. Mine took an hour. I think the heat was a tad on the low side. Next time I'll crank it some more

Add 3 T of honey and 1 T of red wine vinegar; give it 5 minutes more.

Then take little chunks of cod, skin on, and cook slowly in a little oil (no, not in the pan with the onions).

Place on top of the Honey-Onions and serve.

A winner.

Inspired by the goat's cheese on caramelized onions I had at La Chalota the other day.

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