Sushi, Sashimi

Recommended: Hukuya Japanese Restaurant, 9626 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC, Canada; Phone

First, the sashimi was wonderful

Then, the sushi was delicious too

Clean, professional, well priced, nice people running the place.

We went there on the tail end of the vacation and after way too many hamburgers and fish & chips or pizzas along the way it was wonderful to sit down to simple food, well prepared, at a wonderful, non-chain, restaurant.

We sat down, ordered a couple of cold ones (Kirin beer &/or sake), each cracked open our book (reading during dinner is usually bad form but we just wanted to relax and after 2½ weeks of vacation we had certainly had had enough time to chat about stuff).

After we finished they brought a little sweet, spicy treat sort of sushi thing - - I guess because we didn't order any dessert; no charge. I neglected to ask exactly what it was. No picture either.

I'll go back.

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Shalee said...

Mr. Right and the girl would be salivating over these pictures right now. Me? I want it cooked, but I'll go for the atmosphere and conversation.