Himwitsa Lodge - Tofino B.C.

A room with a view (and a hot-tub on the balcony[see lower left of pic]).

During the vacation we went to Tofino for a few days. I wanted to enjoy Long Beach at the Pacific Rim National Park.
Tofino is on the west side of Vancouver Island. If you head west from there (out over the Pacific Ocean) the next piece of land that you hit is Japan (or Russia [the Chisima/Kuril Islands {it's disputed territory}]).

This pic is the view is from the room at Himwitsa Lodge. 4 units or thereabouts, at least 3 have a view, two of which are really excellent corner rooms/suites (kitchens, fireplace [electric]). Great location overlooking the harbour; easy walk to anywhere in town. Sunsets.

Well worth staying there if you're in Tofino.

Phone: (250) 725-2017; Canada\US: 1 (800) 899-1947
email: tofino a t himwitsa.com

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Shalee said...

That view is gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying the dickens out of that place!