Joey Tomato's, Coquitlam, B.C.

The final restaurant from the vacation. Joey Tomato's Mediterranean Grill in Coquitlam (Burnaby/Vancouver) B.C. It's a small Canadian chain - there are other locations.

Great place. Busy. Not at all inexpensive. Good room. Great presentation. Wonderful food. Nice staff. Worth it. Recommended.

The wine: a good one.

The starter: Grilled Ahi Tuna Tacos (seared rare Ahi tuna, asian shredded salad, ginger dressing, wonton tacos, wasabi-lime aioli). These are great.

Mine: Fresh Bass. (Mediterranean Spiced Basa (fresh water bass) pan seared in Mediterranean spices, cumin scented rice, tzatziki & some veggies)

When I lived in Toronto I used to go bass fishing with a buddy and this tasted just exactly like the bass we caught. Oh my it brought back memories. It's a great restaurant that can do that for a person. Very well executed but lose the sprig of parsley - it's pointless.

There was more: grilled chicken, grilled salmon - done nicely, both of them, but these two dishes shown here were quite outstanding.

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Shalee said...

Sigh. I'd love to eat my way through Canada...