Garbanzos and Chorizo

Another tapa sort of thing - but I ate it for lunch.

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There's a lot of variations on this dish, many involve onions or tomatoes, but I've stripped this down to the basics. The whole point is to get the flavour of the chorizo into the dish - nothing more.

Garbanzos & Chorizo [Chick Peas and Sausage]

  • 2 C garbanzos (cooked, do them yourself or buy a jar)
  • 10 slices chorizo (halved) (use more if you like)
  • ¼ C white wine
  • ½ C water (approx) (or cooking liquid from the garbanzos)
  1. Dump the garbanzos into a pot
  2. Add the wine
    • and turn up the heat; get it simmering
  3. Add water to just barely cover
  4. Boil merrily (or simmer)
    • Until the liquids are saucy


  1. To cook the garbanzos yourself
    1. soak dry beans in lots and lots of water for 24 hours
    2. toss this water (reportedly this reduces the "gas" effect of the beans)
    3. cover the beans abundantly with water again
    4. add some salt
    5. simmer vigorously for about 2 hours
      • until softened
    6. save the cooking water (draining the beans)
      • your can boil this (reduce it) liquid to thicken it up some if it's really watery
  2. It's Spanish but fails to use any olive oil at all; odd.
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