Spinach with Garlic, Cream and Coriander

Very french; it's got butter and cream in it. Note: cream is good for you. Fats encourages the uptake of calcium (according to a ) - and reduces weight gain. Don't know how the to are related but them's the facts.

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The pic includes the duck - tomorrow's recipe. Note the soft green sauce around the spinach - lovely.

Spinach with Garlic, Cream and Coriander

Serves: 2 (or 3 or 4 - depending)


  • 60 gr [2 oz] butter (see notes)
  • 500 gr [1#] fresh spinach (baby leaves if you can get 'em; if you can't, and have to devein the spinach you'll need about 750 grams)
  • 1 t coriander, ground
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • ¼ C cream (whipping, whole, full, 30%) (the real stuff)
  • salt
  • pepper, black, fresh ground


  1. Crush garlic, set aside
  2. Butter into a pan, hot
  3. Add spinach & stir
    • 5 minutes. It will wilt and magically release its liquids
  4. Crank heat to high
  5. Add garlic & coriander & cream
    • Reduce until the liquids are gone
  6. salt & pepper it
  7. Serve - now
  1. Work with cumin as well as coriander
  2. Clean the spinach if it's not prewashed. Maybe wash it again anyway
  3. If it's not baby spinach remove the veins
  4. It starts as a huge pile of spinach but reduces quite nicely
  5. Make this mediterranean-style by substituting olive oil for the butter
  6. This takes maybe 12 minutes all told to make if you have everything at hand; make it at the last minute
  7. It's a lot of coriander flavor - if you're timid use a small teaspoon
  8. Use enough salt salt and pepper; it keeps the coriander from overwhelming the dish
Recipe source: Le Cordon Bleu: Quick & Light; with virtually no alteration
Edited 25-09 to tweak the specifics

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