Pota - Squid

This is a big squid; much reduced in size. Usually they're about half a meter [2 foot].

This is what it looks like cooked (still in the pan). The white cubes are the squid.

Step 1: drop by your local grocery and get a pound of fresh squid (easy to do here in Spain).

Then cook the following dead easy recipe (3 ingredients [plus salt and, as usual, olive oil])

Fried Squid - Pota

  • ¼C olive oil
  • ½ kg squid (long, square, strips {as purchased})
  • 1 onion, brunoise
  • 2 red peppers, roasted
  • salt (to taste)
  1. Cut squid strips into 2,5cm [1"] cubes
  2. Oil into the pan, fry squid, medium high heat
    • Until it picks up a little color; this may take a while
    • Set aside
  3. Fry the onions until soft and going golden (in the pic mine a slightly burnt - we chefs prefer to avoid this but if it happens we call it "caramelized" - sounds better than "burnt")
  4. Return squid (and any liquids) to pan - stir around
  5. Add the roasted red peppers - stir around
  6. A ¼ tsp salt might go good right here
You're done
  1. Squid shrinks when you cook it
  2. When frying nothing happens until the squid starts releasing its fluids, then these fluids reduce and the squid starts cooking in its own juices - - sort of a self-made sauce develops and the squid starts to brown, in spots, a little
  3. The oil and the squid juices and the red pepper juices make the sauce delicious

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