English-Style Boiled Potatoes : Pommes à l'Anglaise : Lesson 8 : Part 2 : LCB at Home

Not the most exciting recipe in the book (the book being...Le Cordon Bleu: At Home). The effort is in "turning" the potatoes not in the cooking of them. The turning being a particular form of peeling and forming into a sort of seven-sided barrel shape.

With fresh chopped parsley. Quite good.

potatoes 280520081316


1) Shape unpeeled potatoes into barrel forms (7 sided), 2) Boil in salted water (maybe 10 minutes), 3) Sprinkle parsley. Done.


  1. Peeled potatoes can be held in/under water for quite a while
  2. Buy small round waxy potatoes (I got red ones)
  3. Cut fat oval potatoes in half vertically to make 2 "turned" potatoes out of each one
  4. The skin peeled off will have a lot of potato on it - not to worry - see next note
  5. Boil the "peelings" separately, the next day ("hold" them in a bowl of water in the 'fridge), until soft - mix/mash with about 20% by volume of butter and 10% of cream to make Creamy Potatoes (add salt & pepper). The skins give the potato "meat" some texture. Very nice.

One potato - you can sort of see the barrel shape of this one.

potato 280520081316

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