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Easy as can be - and done without the requisite ice cream machine either. I'm not big on buying new electric toys to do just one dish. Years ago, in The Netherlands, I learned to make ice-cream and sorbet without one and that knowledge, today, has saved me $69.

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Here's what I did:

Ananas Givré : Pineapple Sorbet

Serves: 8


  • 1 pineapple
  • 2 1/2 C sugar syrup (almost equal parts water and sugar; slightly more sugar than water - I'll explain later)
  • vanilla extract
  • an egg white


  1. Put a (metal) bowl in the freezer
  2. Make a simple sugar syrup (1 1/4 C each of water and of sugar plus another 1/4 C of sugar)
    • use low heat to dissolve the sugar
    • higher heat to bring to a boil
    • boil gently for 2 minutes
    • set aside to cool
  3. hollow out the pineapple, saving the "meat"
    • freeze the shell of the pineapple for doing a fancy serving later
  4. purée the fruit-meat part very thoroughly - as smooth as you can get it; or smoother
  5. Whisk the egg white in the cold bowl - just getting it fluffy; not making egg whites
  6. Add the fruit, sugar syrup and vanilla extract and whisk it all together to mix
  7. Stuff it in the freezer
  8. Pull it out and whisk it again every 45 minutes
    • Do that about 4 or 5 times; until it's a solid self-supporting foam and the liquid's all gone (frozen)
  9. Freeze a couple of hours more (at least - longer's okay too)
  10. Scoop it into the frozen pineapple shell to serve (fancy)



  1. Some recommend poaching the pineapple fruit before puréeing it because "certain" enzymes in pineapple inhibit the freezing process needed to make a sorbet. Seems odd.
    I didn't poach anything. It froze up just fine.
  2. Some add the beaten egg white after the thing really starts to freeze up. It's supposed to make it fluffier. I didn't do that either.
  3. This mix more than fills the empty pineapple - twice over. Tags: ,,
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