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Not so easy this one - if you haven't done crepes before.  But, once that's mastered - which could take a couple of minutes - then it's a cinch.  Crepe making is worthwhile to have in the repertoire; all sorts of fancy/tasty seeming dishes can be whipped up in a flash.

No special crepe-pan is required, use a small frying pan. It works just fine.

The picture's not top notch - must have messed up the macro setting. It's the obligatory overhead shot. That's 11 crepes (there was one more but I Aited it), filled with smoked salmon, covered with crème fraiche and gratinated (gratined?) for a little color.


I did a crepes recipe back in 2006 (Crepes : French Pancakes) which was for about 4 times what's needed today (well... last Wednesday to tell the truth).  So I did it with:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 C milk
  • 3/4 C flour
  • 3 T oil (or use butter) into the mixture
  • a bit of salt

then you should be fine.

For the smoked salmon part of this "recipe" get

  • 300 gr smoked salmon bits (lox) [10 oz]
  • milk enough to cover the salmon in a bowl

and soak the salmon in milk for 2 hours (removes saltiness and refines/smooths the taste.

  1. Then fill the crepes with smoked salmon (not much per crepe, just a taste)
  2. Roll/fold and place seam-side down in an oven-proof pan
  3. Cover with crème fraiche (seasoned with salt and pepper)
  4. Under the broiler for 5 minutes - until browned

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