Vanilla Bavarian Cream with Raspberry Sauce : Bavarois à la Vanille, Coulis de Framboise : Lesson 6 : Part 3 : LCB at Home

And the dessert. Take last week's Crème Anglaise, add gelatin and whipping cream; top with raspberry sauce. A simple enough enhancement of what we've learned already. Next week has yet another variant on this same "Vanilla Custard" theme. It seems that Crème Anglaise is an essential part of the course.

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It worked pretty well; with only a few problems in the making of it - those being:

  • The crème anglaise "broke"/curdled while cooking it. Had to toss it out and start again
  • The gelatin was lumpy in spots; it dissolved fine at first but then made some clumps which ended up in the final product. Called them "flavour crystals". If you can't fix it - feature it. I learned that from my years in Information Technology.

Bavarois à la Vanille, Coulis de Framboise : Vanilla Bavarian Cream with Raspberry Sauce

Serves: 6


  • Crème Anglaise, 1 3/4 cups of it
  • Gelatin, powdered (I'd rather use sheet gelatin but couldn't find any)
  • Whipping cream, equally, 1 3/4 cups
  • Raspberry Coulis [sauce]
    • 1 1/3 C raspberries, frozen (fresh are too damn expensive)
    • 1 T lemon juice (that's equal to the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon more or less)
    • 1/3 C icing sugar


  1. Raspberry sauce
    1. Food process the raspberries until completely smooshed
    2. Sieve out the seeds as best you can
    3. Mix in the icing sugar
    4. Add the lemon juice
    5. Not complicated, is it?
  2. Make a Crème Anglaise
  3. Then...
    1. Dissolve 1 package (1/4 tsp) gelatin in 2 Tbsp water, wait 2 minutes to soften, and add to the hot/warm vanilla custard - stir
    2. Strain it (removing lumps of gelatin and/or coagulated egg).
    3. Leave it alone until it's half set
    4. Fold in 1 3/4 cups of whipped-up whipping cream
    5. Put into a mold; chill for a couple of hours
    6. Un-mold by immersing, briefly, in hot water (to melt the whipping cream)
    7. Serve with the raspberry sauce poured over it - lovely


  1. For the berry sauce I used 4 parts berries (by volume) to 1 part sugar - some might like it sweeter and would do 3:1
  2. The lemon juice is a preservative here - prevents discoloration
  3. Remove it from the 'fridge' before serving to let it thin out somewhat
  4. I still thought it was a bit on the thick side so I added a 2 T of water to the sauce
  5. The Bavarois can also, of course, be put into individual pudding cups

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